Hi! I’m Madelein, the evil mastermind behind this little place. I attended high school in New York, NY, where I was the resident science nerd, and even did some neuroscience research on drosophila fruit flies.

For college, I moved 400 miles away to Cleveland, OH where I hung up my lab coat in exchange for a philosophy degree. I currently major in cognitive science, and the history and philosophy of science. In Fall 2017, I will be working towards a Master’s degree in Bioethics as I simultaneously finish up my Bachelor’s. I do research in experimental philosophy, where I explore questions on why humans dehumanize and neural hindrances to ethical leadership.

Recently, I picked up photography as a way to train my patience and develop a hobby. My trusty companion is the Pentax KS2, which I’ve nicknamed Marcus.

In the little spare time I have as an overworked undergraduate, I play badminton, drink lots of tea (I’m 91% tea), watch a lot of documentaries, and of course photograph and write! You can usually find me wandering around an art museum, working on the sunniest table in the cafe, or gawking at the magnificence of our universe at a planetarium.

I hope you find something you like here, and please don’t hesitate to start a conversation. Have a nice day!

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Bonus: I read Eric Kim‘s blog daily for inspiration. I love Henri-Cartier Bresson‘s photography. I credit Dieter Rams with piquing my interest in design. Melinda Gates is my all-time idol. Someday, I hope to own a Leica.