Oh, the places I’ll go?

As a second-semester junior, I am expected to have the next part of my life charted out. Some of my peers have the rest of their lives planned: where they want to go to graduate school, and to study what, and in which area they envision themselves settling down. I can’t say the same. Up… Continue reading Oh, the places I’ll go?


The Hobby Paradox

Above: Captured 12/11/2014 using Nikon CoolPix S8000. On board: "What is a truth worth writing about?" Hobby (n.): an activity done in one’s leisure time for pleasure (Oxford Dictionary, accessed 11/26/2016) Hobby has always been a paradoxical thing for me – it is, by definition, unessential yet it is an essential part of our lives as humans.… Continue reading The Hobby Paradox